Saluda Historic Depot October Train Tales recently featured “Night at the Museum”

Published 1:46 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Night at the Museum was presented at the Saluda Historic Depot and Museum on Friday, October 21. 

Night at the Museum included 8 historical vignettes performed throughout the Depot by Depot volunteers and other familiar Saluda residents dressed as characters from Saluda’s past.

The program featured eight historical vignettes depicting events in the history of the railroad and the town of Saluda. Visitors traveled back in time where they met:

  1. Joel Roberts Poinsett 1835– performed by Dave O’Brien
  2. Captain Charles Pearson and Colonel Thaddeus Coleman 1877- performed by Mike Reeves and Ralph Mayer
  3. Engineer Pitt Bellew and his Brakeman 1903- performed by Bruce Jayne and Nancy Pew
  4. Two Convicts, Otis and Floyd 1877—performed by Monty Crisp and Richard Henrich
  5. Saluda Depot Station Master and Carolina Special Dining Car Head Waiter 1925- performed by Greg Bryant and Howard Troxler
  6. Dr. Lesesne Smith and Nurse Carter 1918-performed by Steve Smith and Lynn Casey
  7. Two hoboes (Boxcar Billy and Frisco Jack} 1930- performed by Dave Zimmerman and Rich Miller
  8. Two ladies traveling on the train to Charleston 1903 (Northern Lady, Effie Ford) performed by Helene Pasternak and (Southern Lady, Annabelle Wright)- performed by Mayor,  Tangie Morgan

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Food and beverages were served in the Moon Glass Studio garden area. The Saluda Visitor Center was open and featured the drone video of the Saluda Grade as it now looks. Moon Glass Studio and Jim Carson’s Studio were open and there was also live music provided by Todd Neel and band. 


It was a beautiful fall evening with our neighbors and friends. Night at the Museum was funded by a grant awarded by the Polk County Community Foundation.


Submitted by Nita High