My Foundation 

Published 1:02 pm Monday, October 24, 2022

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       At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks about two different types of foundations. One is a rock and the other is sand. Jesus states that the individual who hears and acts upon His teachings is like a wise person who built their house upon a rock while someone who does not hear and act upon those same teachings is compared to a person who built their house upon the sand. 

       This past week Michelle and I were in the mountains taking in the autumn beauty of this year’s leaf season. The colors have been exceptional this year. In one of the classes I am taking to finish my master’s degree, the professor has assigned a creative project for us to do. Each student must choose a passage from either the four Gospels or the Book of Acts as the subject matter for this project. Once the student has decided upon the section of Scripture, they are then to use a creative method that will go along with the passage. The object of the assignment is for the students to engage in their creative side. 

       Creativity is something that I enjoy. Several years back I dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow on a Sunday morning and preached a sermon entitled “Things Are Not Always What They Seem.” I have done other messages where I used popcorn, a remote control car and fishing gear as means to visually help bring the point across. So, this project was one I really enjoyed. 

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       The passage I chose was the section of Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus talked about the two foundations. I chose it partly because it was a very creative way in which Jesus made His point. The individual who hears and acts upon the teachings of Jesus will have a solid, sure foundation as their underpinning. The storms of life will come with all the wind, rain, floods and so forth but the person who has built their life upon the teachings of Jesus will be able to endure those storms. The creative method I chose was to write a poem about this passage.

       This past Thursday morning Michelle and I woke up around 5:50 a.m., which, for someone like me who is not a morning person, was extraordinary. We put on our coats, gloves and toboggans as it was cold, and then we hiked out to a place called Sitting Bear near Hawksbill and Table Rock. The sun was just rising over the horizon and the autumn colors were vibrant and beautiful. This spot has views of Grandfather Mountain, the side of Blowing Rock, Lenoir, Morganton, Hickory, the South Mountains and when it is really clear, the skyline of Charlotte. So there, we recorded the assignment and me reading the poem. About halfway through the recording, a bird started singing, which was totally amazing. 

       Here is the poem I wrote called “My Foundation.” I hope it reminds and inspires you to make sure your life is built upon the solid Rock of Jesus.


Day turned to night as the tempest approached, 

The howl of the wind began to encroach. 

The thunderbolts of lightning started to flash, 

Shortly after the sound of a mighty crash. 

Rains descended from the sky without reservation, 

Drowning out the quiet sense of meditation. 

Trees swayed and acted as if they were harassed 

And it felt as if this life was shortly to pass. 

In that instant there was a gentle reminder, 

The fierceness of this storm was only minor. 

For this mighty squall in all it’s raging strength 

Had to keep its distance to an arm’s length. 

The sturdy underpinning of my mere existence 

Was well able to supply all the resistance. 

Not because I could withstand this occasion 

But rather, that Jesus was my foundation.   

The author experienced a beautiful sunrise at Sitting Bear, near Hawksbill and Table Rock.