Two separate battles

Published 8:00 am Thursday, October 20, 2022

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The first battle has been my bladder tumors. The scheduled scraping and cauterization had to be postponed due to too much blood in my bladder.  I’ve been wearing a darned catheter for nearly three weeks and I prayed for a decent night’s sleep. Last Thursday I had the last procedure done at Pardee and Monday the catheter finally came off. I still have some remnants of blood, but I am healing, best news of all is that there isn’t any cancer in my bladder.


I want to thank readers for some of the responses I received for my article “Don’t count me out.” Your help made it possible for me to enter into the second battle.

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I received a call from a family’s dad who said his son’s dog got hit by a truck and if I would be able to help the family. He left a number and the first chance I had, I made the call. I spoke to Jacob on the phone and told him his dad asked me to look into his pup’s problem.


I learned that their six-month-old American Staffordshire got loose from one of the children and ran across the road where he was struck. While speaking with Jacob I heard the laughter of children in the background.  


“How many kids do you have?” I asked.  


“Four,” Jacob said, “and one on the way.”  


“Well God bless,” I said laughing.  


“Elaine and I have five between us also. What’s the dog’s name?” I asked.  

Aslan, an American Staffordshire who is now one of Lennie’s Kids

“Aslan,” he replied.  


“Is he named after ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobe’?” I asked.  


“Yes, he is,” Jacob answered.  


“Do you know that Aslan represents Christ?”  


“I do,” Jacob said proudly.  


“Now I know I have to help you,” I said laughing. I told him my funds are a bit low but I’ve been raising some money lately, that I can afford $2,000 now, and that I will contact Upstate and let them know Aslan is now one of Lennie’s kids.


The bill for Aslan could run from $4,000 to $6,000. I have sent the $2,000 and asked if they could help with the fee a little.


Meanwhile, Aslan’s leg is bandaged and it seems it will be saved. I met Aslan and the rest of this wonderful family and their pets. Aslan reminded me of a very old friend, the very first case I had with Dr. Allen at Upstate: Snowy, whose tale is in “A Voice in the Hills.”


These are two tough battles but with God’s help and your prayers and support, we are winning. I am always in need of funds but if you put “for Aslan” in the margin, I will see it goes to help this family.


God bless you all and thanks for being there and listening.