Second Wind Hall of Fame turns 50

Published 6:24 pm Monday, October 10, 2022

The Second Wind Hall of Fame was founded by Phillip J. Kelley, author of two books on retirement: “Growing Old Rebelliously” and “Second Wind – Handbook for Happy Retirement.” The first chapter was incorporated in June 1972 in Hendersonville, North Carolina as a national organization.  In 1978 the Tryon Chapter was the first local chapter to be formed.


During the ensuing years many local chapters were formed throughout the US to recognize individuals who in their retirement had given freely of their talents and energy in the communities they lived in benefiting their communities through activities in clubs, churches and other organization, thus catching a ‘second wind.’

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The first inductee from Tryon into the Hendersonville group was Carla Nesslinger nominated by the Hendersonville DAR in 1974.  Every year thereafter folks from Tryon were inducted for their service in the community into the Hendersonville chapter.  Elizabeth Martin served as the first president of the Tryon chapter in 1978. The first annual meeting of the Tryon chapter was September 20, 1978 at the Pine Crest Inn. Today the Tryon chapter is the only remaining chapter of “The Second Wind Hall of Fame.” The national organization was dissolved in November 2005.


Long distance runners nearing the end of a race sometimes get winded. At this crucial point, the runner may slow down or even stop.  If, however, he or she has the discipline and stamina to endure a few tortuous moments, they get a ‘second wind’ which generates a new burst of energy and they sprint to the finish line.  


The title “Second Wind Award” is not given to athletes. It is, however, given to champions. It is given to determined and inspired people who when retired get a ‘second wind’ both physically and mentally and go on to enjoy rewarding volunteer service in the community.


Do you have a senior in your organization who should be honored for continuing life with zest and imagination, someone whose life has shown service to others, someone whose originality of thought benefited others, someone whose gallantry in living inspired others, someone who continues to give of themselves always?  Then why not say “Thank You” to them for cheerfully taking responsibility, whose leadership makes life pleasant for all.  To make a nomination, request an application from Carol Browning at or at 864 580- 1000.


Second Wind Hall of Fame also awards a scholarship called “Catch a Second Wind Scholarship.” It is offered to non-traditional students who are pursuing educational and professional development goals. It is offered to those in the workforce in our foothills community. To apply, request a “Catch a Second Wind Scholarship” application from Carol Browning at or call 864 580-1000.


As “Second Wind Hall of Fame” turns 50 years old, the Tryon chapter is getting its ‘second wind’ for the next 50 years.  Honor someone with a nomination for their service or apply for a scholarship to get a ‘second wind’ in the work force.


Submitted by Carol Browning