The wonder of it all

Published 10:54 am Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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When I first began relating Special Cases I was working at the FHS shelter. I was there for two reasons, to supplement my retirement and most of all, to work with the animals.

My initial tales were mostly about certain dogs or cats whose looks, stories, and demeanors moved me, and my goal was to hopefully reach enough people that they would find a forever home. 


I began to notice that some sick or injured animals didn’t make it for lack of funds, so I began an urgent care fund which many years later became a 501C3, Lennie’s Fund Inc. or Lennie’s Kids.


Over the years nearly all my tales are about helping sick or injured animals and sometimes helping other rescues with the same goals.


A few weeks ago while visiting the shelter I ran into a dear friend Kayla Parrish.  


“Lennie,” Kayla said, “I have someone I’d like to show you that you may be interested in.”  Kayla took me out to the farthest outside play area and the dear young lady offered her arm because for obvious reasons I never bring my cane into the shelter. When we reached our destination I was introduced to Wonder, a 2-year-old female Boxer. Kayla knows me very well and she thought if I could not take her I’d help find her a good home.  She knew how much I love the breed and Wonder did not disappoint, with her black muzzle and eyes so full of expression.  

Wonder, a 2-year-old female Boxer

I am not at liberty to state the tragic reason Wonder arrived at the shelter; I can say that she has lived with other dogs and cats. I ached to just climb into the cage and hold her in my arms but those days are past me. Though I’d love her dearly, I have good days and bad days and could not give her the attention she deserves. It wouldn’t be good for Wonder or myself.


Years ago I won an award for a column I wrote entitled, “Love is not enough.”

This is my fervent prayer for Wonder, that someone who understands the joy of owning the breed and has the energy for her will give her a home. Perhaps I may even get a call to come to visit and once again witness the dance of joy, maybe even get the hug I missed.


As an aside, there are so many tales that can be told at the shelter, go visit and give one of God’s precious gifts a home, you won’t regret it.


God bless and thanks for listening.