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Published 12:47 pm Wednesday, August 17, 2022

For some, sleep is just an elusive dream. How many times do you find yourself counting imaginary sheep jumping over the moon, or staring for what seems like hours at the ceiling? Maybe you find yourself roaming from room to room to kill time until you can muster up enough exhaustion to pass out for a precious hour or two of sleep before the alarm clock goes off? And, of course, let’s not forget to mention the kiss of death to a good night’s sleep – one last look at the phone to check messages, social media or anxiety-inducing news feeds. We’ve all been there, right? 


So, what if there really is a way to sleep better? No, not a magic potion, but a set of tools and techniques that work to prepare you for what you crave and what your body needs – a good night’s sleep. 

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Meet Rebekah Delling. She is a sleep whisperer of sorts. Well, more like a sleep sage who continues to perfect the art of catching ZZZs at Hypnotic Massage and Sleep Boutique, her studio and wellness shop located at 112 N. Trade Street in Tryon.


“The sleep massage is something I’ve created over the past six years. It’s a combination of sleep coaching and massage modalities,” says the licensed massage therapist surrounded in her shop by a vast array of sleep-centric aids like essential oils, light reducing masks, dream journals, lotions, dream catchers, hand-blended herbal teas, and more to help restless souls soothe their bodies and minds in the pursuit of restful bliss. “Sleep coaching starts with clients doing a holistic sleep assessment, in advance, that provides a road map of their sleep history, bedtime routine, sleep hygiene and their overall health history.”


The client and Delling go over the sleep assessment during the first part of the sleep massage and talk about the challenges the client has, how long it’s been a problem and then come up with a sleep plan for them to utilize. 


“It’s a very simple but effective plan. I’m not asking people to make huge changes, because I want them to start small,” says Delling who also struggles with her own sleep issues. 


Her sleep anxiety has its roots in her childhood, growing up in the woods of Pennsylvania where bears, raccoons, and other animals would rummage through the garbage cans outside her window at night. Delling’s sleep anxiety still rears its head periodically and is the impetus for her journey into the causes that keep people up at night and the quest for solutions to help folks that struggle with falling and staying asleep.


Delling is a certified massage therapist who has practiced the art for the past 23 years. Since 2014, she’s been on an obsessive quest to learn, perfect and create the essence of her business, the sleep massage, and a way for people to not only get relief but understand how to sleep better.


Part of her journey to create a massage modality specifically designed for the sleep-deprived is to learn as much as she can about the nature of sleep. Delling is a certified Sleep Science Coach and is currently in the process of completing her Advanced Sleep Coaching degree. She also audits many Ivy League classes pertaining to sleep online and applies her sleep knowledge with massage techniques to create her one-of-a-kind sleep massage program. 


One of Delling’s specialty offerings is an equine massage tailored for the rider after spending hours in the saddle.


In addition to the sleep massage, she also offers a more traditional deep tissue massage and a not-so-traditional equine massage that focuses on specific problems riders might encounter after spending hours in the saddle.


“You are going to have a much better experience with your horse if you are loose and not in pain,” says Delling, who sees more and more equestrians in the area turn to her equine massage as they learn about and experience her services. “Your muscles are at your prime, you can control the horse more efficiently, your riding and your relationship to your horse is all going to get better when your body is pain-free.”  


Equine massages tailored specifically for the rider address the aches and pains felt after hours spent in the saddle.


Even within these other modalities, Delling believes they all ultimately relate back to her foundational belief that all massage is a conduit for better sleep.


So, what happens during a sleep massage? Unlike more traditional forms of massage, Delling says the client stays fully dressed for the sleep massage. Once on the table, the massage involves a lot of rocking, deep rhythmic pressure and repetitive movement. Delling says the idea is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the body’s ability to relax.


“A lot of the sleep massage draws its foundation from Shiatsu movement and techniques, as well as Tai reflexology, acupressure, Reiki energy work, and aromatherapy all designed to put the client into a very relaxed alpha state not unlike what you experience when you’re in light sleep mode,” says Delling. “It’s a very receptive stage, and at the end of the sleep massage, we do some guided meditations to help them prepare for when they put their sleep plan into action at home.”


The sleep massage engages the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the body’s ability to relax.


Just how big of a problem is the lack of sleep in America? It is such a common problem that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declares it a public health epidemic. Columbia University researchers say teenagers are in a “Great Sleep Recession” and Gallup’s State of Sleep in America 2022 report finds the number of hours of sleep has plummeted for American adolescents and adults. 


Delling also believes sleep is a national health crisis and everyone should be concerned about it because of potential health implications. She says that sleep depravation can increase the risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and may cause emotional suffering in the form of loneliness and anxiety.


Delling says the rise in anxiety is one of the main drivers of sleep dysfunction.


“You’re certainly more likely to stay asleep if you go to sleep more calmly,” says Delling. “Sleep dysfunction is typically a secondary issue. There’s usually a primary issue such as depression, anxiety or pain. Massage can help to ease these issues.”


Delling also realizes that sometimes the levels of moderate anxiety and/or depression are untenable through massage, and she will suggest clients seek the help of a licensed psychologist to better cope with issues that are beyond her scope of practice.


One of the more interesting aspects to sleep Delling says, is the rise in technologies like Fitbits, Apple watches and other wearable sleep trackers meant to aid people in their ability to sleep more soundly. For some this feedback is extremely helpful she says, but for others these gadgets have the reverse effect by increasing levels of anxiety for those who use sleep trackers and apps. She said if you find yourself anxious over low sleep scores or fretting about what to do, start by taking a break from the apps and focus on calming yourself and your routine before bedtime.


The Hypnotic Sleep Massage and Boutique offers a variety of sleep aids to help the weary rest better.


“When your brain is engaged and active it’s less likely to shut off,” says Delling. “Better sleep starts with a ritual. It’s the process of preparing yourself holistically for a healthy night of enrichment, healing and regeneration.”


Better sleep is attainable, and the healing hands at Hypnotic Massage and Sleep Boutique may hold the keys to unlocking the perfect night’s sleep for you.


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