Once again saying goodbye

Published 8:00 am Thursday, August 4, 2022

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I write this tale not only for me but for all those who have rescued, loved their pets and finally had to say goodbye. When I receive the call that one of my kids has passed on, my answer is always the same. Unfortunately, the Good Lord only lends them to us.


Gigi was rescued by two old friends who are no longer with us, Bert and Jeanette Larsen.  I remember when Gigi was rescued and added to the Larsen menagerie, a frail little gray and white kitty with only one eye. I’d watched many animals that had problems being rescued by the Larsens and also have been there to put them to sleep when they’d lived out their lives.

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We rescued Gigi from the Larsens 3 years ago. Bert had already passed and Jeanette was fading fast due to inoperable cancer. At nearly 15 years of age, Gigi was also in a bad way. We took Gigi to Landrum Vet where they spent three days taking tests and trying to stop her constant diarrhea.


Gigi went into her own personal room with her favorite bed and some gastrointestinal food that seemed to solve the problem. After six months, Gigi had gained a half-pound and Dr. Raines at Landrum Vet was amazed, telling us how rare it was for a cat her age to gain weight.

Gigi and Leonard


Gigi was in the room with Carrie, an 11-year-old tortie (who is now 14), another of Jeanette’s menagerie. The two old ladies got along fine, shared food and treats, and were head-butting purr machines when we went in to visit and give them some attention. Carrie now has the run of the house and the resilient old lady is blending in with my two dogs and two other cats.


Two weeks ago we had taken Gigi in to have her ears cleaned, hoping it would help her wobbling. The little trooper was now nearly 18 and was game as can be till the end. Last week, she began falling over and her weight had dropped to four pounds.


Last Friday after talking it over, Elaine and I called Landrum Vet and told them I would be taking Gigi in to peacefully send her where there wouldn’t be any pain. Elaine spent the rest of Friday tearfully saying her goodbyes.


On Saturday morning I brought her in and the little girl (who was as light as a feather) wouldn’t stop purring in my arms. As my tears fell into her fur, she purred up till the last second of her life.  


“Thanks for the best three years of my life,” I believe she was telling me.


Thank you Dr. Lara for your compassion and your caring, and thank you all for listening.