Keep an eye out for ticks

Published 11:44 am Monday, August 1, 2022

As the summer wanes, we can finally say goodbye to summertime pests. However, ticks, especially the deer tick, become more active in the fall due to their lifecycles. So, while you may not be swatting at mosquitos anymore, you still need to keep an eye out for ticks.  

These nasty bloodsuckers pose a host of risks to you and your pet including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Bartonellosis, and Hepatozoonosis. Knowing how to check for ticks and what to do if you find one is key. 

 The first step is to perform regular checks on your pet. Look closely as ticks can vary in size and color and can be disguised beneath your pet’s fur. Once detected, follow these steps:  

  • Remove ticks individually with tweezers.  
  • Hold tweezers close to the head of the tick to ensure its removal.  
  • If the tick’s head does not come out, use a sterile needle to remove the head.  
  • Apply antiseptic ointment where removed.  
  • Flushing ticks down the toilet is a good method to discard them (avoid crushing ticks as this can further spread the disease).  

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Your pet’s health is important. Being aware of ticks and knowing how to respond if they are detected are the first steps to ensure that you and Fido have a healthy fall season!   


Submitted by Alex Elliott