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Published 8:00 am Friday, July 29, 2022

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Little Ketchup is a 16-week-old Shepherd mix with a sweet disposition. Ketchup’s companion is a Golden Retriever that came from the Carolina Goldens, named Tallulah. It was a great joy to the Purdy family to watch the two of them interact. No matter what problem we face in this world, a loving pet has a way to soothe the soul.

The two dogs were playing in the yard when suddenly the family heard a yelp of pain from Ketchup. When they rushed to see what was wrong, Ketchup was limping and in obvious pain. The pup was picked up and brought to Bonnie Brae to see what was wrong and hopefully mend the problem. Dr. Nick Buchanan saw Ketchup and x-rays revealed a broken femur. It was the sort of break that could not be repaired at the vet so the Upstate Specialists in Greenville were suggested.

After x-rays and info was sent to Upstate, we learned the cost to help Ketchup would be $4,000. The family could not afford the fee to help Ketchup but a $2,900 assistance from Care Credit was offered to help. It was advised to call me and see if Lennie’s Kids’ fund could take on the case.

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When I learned of the dilemma that Ketchup and the family were in I told them I’d call Upstate and set it up. “Thank you, Mr. Rizzo,” came the reply, “We don’t know how to thank you.”

“Just take care of the little pup, he is now one of Uncle Lennie’s kids,” I said laughing.

The call was made to Upstate and they had received the $2,900 credit, and would bill me for the remainder upon completion of the procedure. As of this writing, all went well and Ketchup is home recovering from the mishap that caused his injury.

I am grateful on so many levels, to those who support me to make this possible, Upstate for trusting me to follow thro,ugh and to my Lord who continues to give me the strength to accomplish what I love to do.

Thanks for listening.