Big Brothers Big Sisters Congratulates “not so little” Sister

Published 11:40 am Friday, July 8, 2022

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Polk County gives Little Sister Nathalie a huge congratulations on graduating high school and being accepted into the college of her choice! When Nathalie heads to college this fall, she’ll be taking along ten years of memories with Big Sister Susan. 


Nathalie and Susan were matched through the BBBS program when Nathalie was nine-years-old. With ten years of activities under their belts, Nathalie says one of her favorite things to do with Susan is “just being with her,” whether that involves playing games or just hanging out. Susan says that when Nathalie was younger, she focused on trying to give her good experiences, and she was always open to trying anything Nathalie wanted to learn, which included sewing, knitting, painting, and crocheting, just to name a few. Some of Susan’s favorite activities with Nathalie are when they gave back to the community together. The two enjoyed volunteering at the local animal shelter and making things for the residents at their local hospice. 

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The two plan to stay in touch and make more memories together even after Nathalie heads to college. Susan tells Nathalie she is “only a call away,” and Nathalie feels that their friendship will only get stronger in the coming years. When asked about their relationship, Nathalie stated, “it’s something really special sharing that bond. Every memory is one I will cherish.” Nathalie appreciates that she can just be herself around Susan and says she can talk to Susan about anything and get advice, feedback, and motivation.


Nathalie was accepted into the college of her choice, and is working towards becoming a doctor. Susan says that ever since Nathalie was little, she always wanted to go to college. Susan always made sure Nathalie knew “she could do anything in life she wanted to.” Nathalie credits Susan with helping her get into college through motivating her to join clubs, volunteer, and helping her express herself on her college applications. BBBS of Polk County wishes Nathalie the best of luck at college, and hopes Nathalie and Susan enjoy another decade of memories together.


BBBS is looking for more Bigs like Susan to be a friend to a young person in Polk County. Being a Big is “reliving childhood through someone else’s eyes,” Susan said. She “wishes everyone could have the same experience.” Polk County currently has 7 kids on their waiting list, 3 girls and 4 boys. “The kids on our waiting list are looking for a Big to hang out and make memories with,” says Tara Scoma, Program Coordinator. “Some of them want someone to teach them football, someone to go on a hike with, or just someone to talk to, but we need more volunteers to make that happen.” 


If you are interested in becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, you can contact Tara Scoma at, or apply online at 




Submitted by Tara Scoma