Be careful with God’s gifts

Published 10:48 am Thursday, June 16, 2022

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Before I tell the two stories that brought about this week’s tale, I wish to go over some personal items that sort of keep me away from my weekly column.


Two weeks ago I underwent my fifth operation for the removal of bladder tumors. I will be seeing the surgeon again on June 16 because I still have lots of tumors. I pray I can be mended at the office with a cauterization, without me having to go under again. Either way, it’s not fun.

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Last week a dear friend, animal lover and supporter had a heart attack, went into a coma, and passed away. By my standards, he was young (64 years), quite healthy and fit. It was so unexpected that I can’t get it out of my mind. Joe was most definitely one of the good guys and he’ll be sorely missed.


The first tale is about Samantha, also known as Sam or Sissy, who is a 1-year-old chi-weenie. Sam had stopped eating and was coughing. It seems the owner’s mother had given her chicken bones (a big no-no) and it was feared that one was lodged in her throat. When I got the call, I had her rushed to Landrum Vet where I met up with her and her mom. After x-rays and some meds to take home, the sassy little girl is home and on the mend. It was a bit of a scare but thank God it turned out okay.


The second call was from Patti Lovelace of animal control. Tucker, a red heeler that was a hunting dog, had been shot and the owner didn’t have the money at this time to help him, though he promised to pay back whatever came from Uncle Lennie’s fund. It’s been a while since I’ve had a case where an animal has been shot, but I’ve had a few in the past and it angers me to no end. From what Patti told me it was not an accident. I’ll never understand what is wrong with people who harm animals.  


Anyway, I got Tucker to the vet and once again x-rays were taken. And once again God intervened, for the wound was clean and the bullet went in and out without hitting a vital organ. Medicines and bandages were applied and Tucker is home doing well. 


Please be careful with God’s gifts.


Thanks for listening.