Warm welcome for the month of June

Published 12:49 pm Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Green was the silence, 
wet was the light
the month of June
trembled like a butterfly. 

~ Pablo Neruda, “The Month of June” 


June arrives in Saluda, a summer guest in white linen, lingering on a shaded park bench with a strawberry ice cream cone in hand. 


The drone of mowers rumble in the distance, puffy clouds rise up over blue. 


It’s the time of Queen Anne’s lace blooming, June bugs, fireflies, kids at play, picnics, and wafting scents of barbecue grills on lazy evenings… 


Saluda Tailgate Market is Friday at the west city parking lot located off Main Street, 4:30-6 p.m. 


Do you know about Saluda’s Living in Place? With a little help from SLIP, your senior neighbors may be able to age safely in their own homes. If you know someone who needs help, with their permission, you can contact SLIP’s Trained Program Coordinator at (828) 749-0049 or email at www.slipnc.org/contact. SLIP’s Veterans’ Program will host the Second Annual Flag Disposition Program on Flag Day, June 14, at 8:30 p.m. at the McCreery Park stage. After a short program, flags will be ceremoniously burned at sunset. Place unwanted or damaged flags in the receptacle barrel in Veterans’ Park, next to the howitzer cannon, up to the day of the event.  For more information, contact Frank McNutt at (828) 489-1569 or Owen Miller at (828) 749-0648. 


Saluda Pop-Up Pantry is Tuesday from 1-6 p.m. at Saluda Presbyterian Church, 54 Carolina Avenue (behind Saluda Library). To volunteer at the Pantry, call Saluda Church of the Transfiguration, 828-749-9740. You can mail tax-deductible donations to Saluda Pop-Up Pantry, P.O. Box 428, Saluda, NC 28773 or donate online at www.saludapantrycom.  


Mark your calendar for the 58th Annual Coon Dog Day on July 9, 12-9:30 p.m. Good news: the Saluda 5K will be back as well—this is a project/ fundraiser for Saluda Elementary School. The run begins on Main Street at 8 a.m. and follows the traditional Coon Dog Day 5k route. To sign up, visit https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Saluda/CoonDogDayRace.


Garden Tips: gardens benefit from a layer of well-seasoned mulch. I add coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, banana peels, and more to plants in large pots, mixed well into the soil. Daylilies, roses, annuals, and other flowers appreciate being dead-headed after bloom, to encourage more. Hydrangeas often root easily from cuttings: I start mine in Mason jars of water or stick them in moist soil. 


Happy June Birthday to Nancy Barnett, Verne Dawson, Peggy Ellwood, Anna Jackson, Charlie Jackson, Amy Violet Ford, Terry Arrington, Julie Arrington, Susie Welsh Hearn, Jeremy Edwards, Eleanor Morgan, Mary Lu Price, Sigi Hendrickson, Edna McKee, Lucinda Pittman, D.J. Gaskin, Susan Matthews, Lisa Duck, Kasey Watkins, Elena Robson, and Chambli Dawn Stuber. 


Feel free to contact me at bbardos@gmail.com, (828) 817-6765, P.O. Box 331, Saluda, NC 28773, Facebook, or visit bonniebardos.com