Picking up the pieces

Published 9:40 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

I often receive letters from those who support me and why they do. Today, I’d like to share some excerpts of a recent letter that brought me to tears.


“Dear Mr. Rizzo,

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We have followed your amazing work in the Tryon Bulletin. Your kindness and dedication are quite admirable. Four years ago we were volunteering at FHS, and fell in love with every dog that walked and every kitten that climbed on me. 


During my time at FHS, I fell in love with a beautiful brindle Pit Bull named Granite. However, my wife was more interested in having a cute little lap dog. At Christmas time I had convinced my wife to let Granite come home with us for the holidays. Granite had been at the Foothills for about 16 months and had a few failed adoptions. Kayla Parrish had worked extensively with him so he was very well behaved. She would bring him home on weekends to get him out of the kennels.


Long story short, it only took a few minutes for Granite to show my wife he was the perfect lap dog. Yes, we are suckers for a hard-luck story. Granite only has a few teeth, suffers from arthritis, was heartworm positive, and now has a significant murmur. He’s about 11 years old and needs help getting into bed and in and out of my truck. In other words, he’s perfect.”


As the tears flowed down my cheeks, I glanced at the substantial check given to my kids, as the letter closed with prayers for me and my family. In so many ways this man and his wife are kindred spirits and I thank the good Lord for the ability to reach such beautiful people.


Later, I received a call from a fellow rescuer about an older dog from out of the area that had some medical problems, and was set to be euthanized. 


“He’s so sweet Lennie,” I was told, “And I’d love to try to give him a second chance.” 


I explained to this dear person that there are many cases such as this, but if I go outside my area I could never keep up my funds.  


“Believe me,” I said, “If I could, I’d save them all.”  


I thought of the letter I had recently received and I made a $500 donation to help the dog. I made it in Granite’s name. Other than the donation, it is out of my hands, but the last I heard money is being raised and the dog is scheduled for a helping procedure.  Keep praying – the Good Lord listens.


Thanks for listening.