Love Mother Earth

Published 8:00 am Thursday, May 5, 2022

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There are days we live

as if death were nowhere

in the background; from joy

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to joy to joy, from wing to wing,

from blossom to blossom to

impossible blossom, to sweet impossible blossom.


~ Li-Young Lee, excerpt from “From Blossoms”


Here it is almost Mother’s Day—you know it’ll be a madhouse at restaurants, and there will be a run on chocolate, Hallmark cards and flowers! 


Mothers of all kinds need to be appreciated. This includes our Mother Earth. As I watch more clear-cutting/erosion on mountain slopes, people are still driving Incredible Hulks, and using more plastic —it’s a reminder that we must love and respect this planet, our only home. Of course, if you’re super-wealthy, there’s a chance you might snag a seat on SpaceX for a ride to a second home/planet one day to escape this one, but don’t bank on it yet. 


So many still have that “dominate Nature” mentality – which hurts everyone and everything. Folks, that just doesn’t work. Nature will win in the long run, and we’d better respect her. The Native Americans knew that. When I watch people run over turtles, snakes, or possums on purpose; fearfully battle bees, lizards, and other creatures (well, I will battle a mosquito any day), continue to plant wasteful grass lawns instead of rethinking it, throw compostable scraps in the trash—repeating old patterns over and over — it’s a reminder: Love your Mother. All Mothers. Especially the Great Mother. 


Saluda Tailgate Market resumes at the west city parking lot location off Main Street on May 6, 4:30-6 p.m. 


The Historic Saluda Committee (HSC) meets May 13, 2 p.m. at  Saluda Library in the upstairs meeting room; the public is invited.


Saluda Living in Place (SLIP), a non-profit organization to help seniors age in place, and can help those 60+ in the greater Saluda community with home safety  and more. SLIP (website can be contacted at (828) 749-0049. Free health checks, resource information, dance/exercise and much more will be at The Aging Project, Inc.’s “Swing Into Spring” event on May 12 from 10-2 at Blue Ridge Mall. 


The 17th Saluda Arts Festival is May 21 from 10-4.


Pavers for Pace Park is a community fund-raiser supporting  completion of public restrooms in this pocket park on Main Street in the alley by M.A. Pace Store. Forms can be obtained from City Hall or Catherine Ross at or 828-749-3534. 


Reminder: Polk County Recycling Mobile Unit comes to Tickle Family Chiropractor at  Ozone/176 every Tuesday from 7 a.m.-noon.


Happy May Birthday to Amy Copeland, Corinne Gerwe, Chris Anderson, Mark Jackson, Cary Pace, Lisa Hipp, Trevor Young, Jemme Latell, Paul Marion, Jesse Thomas, Margaret Sease, Elizabeth Baldwin, Chad Baldwin, Lynn Cass, Thelma Jones, Betsy Burdett, Melia Bradley, June Taylor, Robin Kirby, Kevin Matthews, and Stella Barnett. 


Feel free to contact me at, (828) 817-6765, P.O. Box 331, Saluda, NC 28773, Facebook, or visit