Trap, Neuter, and Release Project at Columbus business

Published 11:00 am Thursday, April 28, 2022

Collaboration to control animal population using “TNR Project”


COLUMBUS––The Foothills Humane Society and Polk County Animal Control have partnered to help control animal populations in Columbus through the Trap, Neuter, and Release Project (TNR).

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According to workers at Foothills Humane Society, there is a cat colony living at the BMWs by WD auto repair shop in Columbus.

Stephanie Aull at the Humane Society explains, “There are colonies of cats that typically live in groups, especially if they’re feral cats. The owner of BMWs by WD happens to be the caretaker of this cat colony. He’s the host, so he feeds them and takes care of them.”

Polk County Animal Control and Foothills Humane Society have partnered to go out weekly to this business and set traps to catch cats, get them spayed or neutered, and released back to the property.

“It’s a really good project in terms of population control with cats,” Stephanie says.

BMWs by WD hosts a colony of about 40 cats, and each cat can begin breeding as early as 4 months old.

The Foothills Humane Society heard through Animal Control that there was a large colony of cats, and Stephanie says she wanted to do a TNR Project rather than bringing the cats back to the shelter.

She states that TNR is always their preference because it is better for the cats in the long run.

“The owner is more than happy to collaborate with us, and he’s great with communication and keeping us updated on the traps,” Stephanie says.

Foothills Humane Society is helping with Polk County Animal Control by transporting the cats to the veterinarian, keeping records of rabies vaccines, and going with Animal Control to release the cats back to BMWs by WD in Columbus.