A visit and a visitor

Published 10:36 am Thursday, April 21, 2022

I took a week off during Holy Week to devote my time to the Lord.  I have much to be thankful for but Easter wee reinforces my love for Him who deserves all honor and glory.

I’ve had two minor cases that I handled and another which I’ll be settling soon.  There is one major case which I’m hoping to make right which may be next week’s tale.

Two of my latest major cases were tough little guys with giant hearts, Charlie and Kapone.

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The visitor was Kapone, the pug that was struck by a car and lost an eye among other injuries.  Kapone’s fee at Upstate was nearly $8,000 of which $4,000 came from Lennie’s fund.  I wish to once again thank the people at Upstate Vet Specialists who helped with Kapone and have worked with me through the years.

Caroline and Zeke brought Kapone over to visit as Zeke did some yard work for my wife Elaine as promised.  After the extent of Kapone’s injuries I could hardly believe how well he’s bounced back, he’s playful as ever and still is fearless.  Caroline laughed when I called him my little gangster.  You’d have to look hard to even notice he has an eye missing.  Kapone is fit as a fiddle and solid as a rock.

Caroline calls him her little silver back and I’ll be darned, seeing him from the rear with that silvery tint in his fur, he does look like a little male gorilla.

The visit was to the FHS to see Charlie and how he was coming along.  I first would like to thank those who donated to the Urgent Care fund at the shelter to help Charlie and others like him   god bless you all, keep it up.

I took my wife Elaine along with me and Charlie did not disappoint.  He is so full of life and joy, playfulness and love that you hardly notice the missing leg or the inured paw, which is healing wonderfully.

Charlie is a glutton for attention of any sort and has captured the heart of anyone who comes in contact with him, including my dear wife Elaine.  “Oh Lennie,” Elaine said, “He’s adorable.”

Seeing how for these two beautiful little souls have come back form the brink makes me all the more give praise to Our Lord and all the angels He sends my way.

I wish to thank all of you and the Good Lord above for listening.