Is my dog a flat earther?

Published 12:29 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Do you think my dog looks at the horizon 

And thinks to herself: that right there is the end of it all

I can chase balls and frisbees off the side of this planet,

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Over the edge and fall into the abyss.

The world is flat.

Or, do you think that deep down she knows? In the

Way ducks know where to fly home

For the winter and groups of butterflies

Circle around and flock to the place a mountain

Used to be thousands of years ago.

Does my dog just know? Does she simply

Deep down understand that our planet will always meet back around. That land

Kisses land and that its all together

In this?

But, either way, she follows me, out

Into different fields and on new walks and out into

A million parks and a million places where maybe the world

Could just stop. We call dogs

Brave and we call dogs true, and heroes

And fools and the only good thing humanity ever

Befriended, because I think, that in many

Ways, humans cannot imagine that much trust

Without preamble, love without

Any hesitation, following without that

Anxiety that always comes with brain space.

We need confirmation that the world

Is round in order to follow each other.


Sydney Wilkie

Columbus, NC