Affairs of the heart

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, March 23, 2022

There were two very Special Cases for me this week. The first was Cleo, an animal I’d helped before a few years ago. The son of a dear friend from VFW advised me of Cleo’s leg problem. My friend (believe it or not) is a World War 2 vet. His son’s dog had a leg problem which we operated on. Since then my friend’s son has passed on and Cleo’s leg problem has returned. It is a policy of mine (for many reasons) not to help a family more than once, but I have to make exceptions on rare occasions.  Cleo was brought to Landrum Vet and Dr. Donna Raines said she was too old to operate on again. Cleo has been given medicines to alleviate the problem, and now we are just focusing on the best quality of life she can have from now on in.  Cleo’s mom and I shared the bill.


At the Foothills shelter on Little Mountain Road I have once again started an Urgent Care fund. I received a call about a case in which my Urgent Care fund was being used. I had asked that the fund not be put in my name because I pray it will go on long after I’m gone. Little Charlie is an 8 week old Shepherd mix whose left front leg had to be removed, and he had a severely damaged right paw. I’ve just returned from seeing the pitiful little ball of fur. Looking into his soul and hopeful eyes made the tears well up as my heart leapt up to my throat.

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This, I thought to myself, is the kind of case that caused me to begin this mission almost 16 years ago. I intend to keep a running account of Charlie’s progress until the day he walks into a new home. If you wish to help Charlie along, please send a gift to Foothills Urgent Care fund for Charlie, or to me in Charlie’s name, and I will see the money goes where it is needed.


Both Cleo and Charlie are on the very ends and beginnings of life’s spectrum. I haven’t any doubt that the Good Lord smiles down on us for taking care of His creatures. Thanks for being there and thanks for listening.