10-4, good buddies!

Published 12:05 pm Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Twenty five big-rigs, determined to make a stand for freedom, have started their journey, carrying 500 tons of “anything and everything” as they left the Dublin port earlier this week. They are heading towards Ukraine.


As they will attest, Ireland understands a thing or two about invasion and occupation, and if there’s one good thing about the frightening events we watch unfold daily from the other side of the world, it is the outpouring of love and help from…pretty much everyone. I had to rewind the news program I was watching as it mentioned that even China is saying “Enough.” Twice!

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And so one can follow the videos of the first convoy of 25 truckers taking advantage of the gift of free transport by the Irish Ferries Company, carrying them over the sea and towards land where they will continue their 4 day trek towards the Polish/Ukrainian border. Each truck is carrying supplies donated by local communities and charitable organization throughout the emerald isle: food (including crates of oatmeal and even burritos), medical supplies, blankets and warm clothing for millions who have had no power, food, or shelter in temperatures plummeting to single digits. From the cab of each truck drivers lean out to the gathered press, pumping their fists and holding aloft the yellow and blue flag of Ukraine in triumph.


Wait a sec, got something in my eye. Must be the glare from the screen…


The Irish Sun reported that organizers of the convoy had contacted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that they were on their way and coordinator, John Tuohy, declared, “This is the largest aid convoy ever to leave the island of Ireland.” He went on to stress that the transport companies wanted to “assure the children from all over Ireland that donated so generously to school and community collections that their donated items are in safe hands and will be delivered directly to where they are most needed.”


And four gutsy drivers intend to actually cross the border and drive into Ukraine.


My favorite part of this story is that the original idea was for only one truck to make the trip, however, the outpouring of love from the residents of Ireland was so overwhelming that organizers were obliged to expand their plan over and over again to accommodate the flood of donations.


Give those men a Guinness. Heck, give the whole country one.