Results from the Cannon Equine Hunter Pace and Trail Ride

Published 10:40 am Monday, March 7, 2022

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Camp Croft State Park was the setting for the Cannon Equine Hunter Pace and Trail Ride, which started our 2021/2022 season back up. There has been quite a bit of time since our last. The day was beautiful, albeit quite cold to start off. 

Most Hunter Paces take a village for it to come together. This one took the whole town! There were plenty of volunteers to ensure things ran smoothly. The volunteers had to be there early to get to their posts as well as sit in the cold while doing so. These wonderful people are to thank: Anne Becker, Joey Cabaniss, Chris and Kelly Cannon, Bev and Harry Cordel, Beth Fiszer, Jenna Gillespie, Joy Hudson, Carltyn Hughes, Kim and Kensley Hurry, Cathy Kirkland, Bradley Long, Izzy Rini, Clare Summers, Connie Wiesner, and Emily, Mike and Amy Wojcik. Thank you, Cannon Equine Services! Well done.

Considering the amount or rain over the past few weeks, the trails were in pretty good condition. Yes, there were some squishy areas – but manageable. The trails were marked very well. The ribbons were well placed. Riders were told at the Start-Finish line that there would be a long stretch where there wasn’t a ribbon to follow but if the prior turn was correctly made then there shouldn’t be any issues. The lake dam was a beautiful photo-op with the bright sunshine overhead. The trivia ladies were very accommodating to take pictures.

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The trail distance for the Field Hunters and Trail Riders was 8.1 miles and the Mini-Pace was 4.3 miles. The Optimum Time for the Field Hunter Division was one hour, 23 minutes, 43 seconds. 

Now, let’s get to those results:

First Place Honor was awarded to Emily Sentell from Anderson with the time of one hour, 23 minutes, 46 seconds, a mere three seconds off of the Optimum Time! Close on her heels for the Second Place Red Ribbon was Debbie Croft, also from Anderson with the time of one hour 23 minutes, 48 seconds. Third Place was awarded to the duo of Maria Oglesby and Julia Schmidt, both from Clemson, with the time of one hour, 23 minutes, 26 seconds.  Fourth Place was awarded to Toni VonRuden from Bradley with the time of one hour, 22 minutes, 28 seconds. Tracie Parker from Gaffney nabbed the Fifth Place slot with the time of one hour, 25 minutes, 21 seconds. Rounding out the placements in the Field Hunter Division taking Sixth Place was Jacqueline Wasniewski from Campobello with a time of one hour, 20 minutes, 29 seconds.

Other Field Hunters out on the trails were Mary Benson, Sara Cyrill, Barb DiPalma, Stephanie Easler, Beth Fiszer, Tiffany Fuller, Emory Heffron, Shannon Jackson, Julianne Kosel, Carol Land, Kara Lippert, Abby Lyle, Mary Macy, Emily Mitchell, Meredith Mobley, Rachel Neese, Linda Plummer, Asher Quinn, Hunter, Rabon, Ellie and Matthew Savage, Holly Smith, Liza Strakhnke, Patricia Woods and Sarah Yezierski.

The Calculated Optimum Time in the Trail Rider Division was two hours, 17 seconds. 

First Place Honors are awarded to Bob and Tamara Bruning from Columbus with a time of two hours, 40 seconds, less than a minute off the Calculated Optimum Time. With a time of two hours, 56 seconds, Second Place was awarded to the team of Carter, Hazel, Keith, Olive, and Renee Wade from Tryon. Third Place was awarded to the team of Joy Hudson from Spartanburg and Emily Wojcik from Boiling Springs with the time of two hours, two minutes, 34 seconds. Micheal Bachelor and Wendy Kester from Tryon placed Fourth with the time of one hour, 56 minutes, 53 seconds. Fifth Place was awarded to Shelby Frazier from Spartanburg and Meredith Keen from Simpsonville with the time of one hour, 54 minutes, eight seconds. Rounding out the placements in the Trail Rider Division for Sixth Place with a time of one hour, 52 minutes, 57 seconds was Missy Bright from Campobello and Ronnie Mann from Columbus. 

Other Trail Riders out to enjoy a day on the trails were Macy Anzur, Emma Bridges, Carrie Britt, Elizabeth Clevenger, Leah Fry, Jill Kelsey, Sue Kessel, Lisa Kotalik, Kristen Kuhns, Bella Leet, Bekah Maddox, Tracie Parker, Travis Quinn, Janna Ritacco, Leslie Scott, Addison Stone, Peggie Sullenberger, Katie Tighe, and Jennifer and Olivia Wilson. 

There was a nice group of riders in the Mini-Pace Division. Shalise Gallaher, Carltyn Hughes, Francesca Lamar, Emily Millsaps, Izzy Rini, Autumn and Jennifer Schoefer, Jill and Mary Rose Schwarzkopf and Rosie Stimpson rode the 4.3-mile short trail. 

Next up for the Western Carolina Hunter Place is the Windridge Farm Spring Hunter Pace and Trail Ride on Sunday March 6th, 2022. Check the WCHP web site for the Registration Form. Slap a return address label on it including your emergency contact and email to insure you can be contacted. Some forms don’t have a spot for an address but go ahead and write it somewhere on the form or use the aforementioned label!


Registration will again be held at the office. Here, riders will register as well as have their filled-out lunch menu sheets ready to turn in. One can either eat before riding or wait to relax afterwards under the trees. 


See you on the trails.


Submitted by Missy Bright