A circle of friends

Published 3:54 pm Friday, January 28, 2022

Special cases

Long ago after witnessing so much abuse and cruelty, I prayed for the ability to help God’s creatures in need the best way I could. The good Lord has blessed me with many angels who support my cause and many like minded people who have helped in a myriad of ways. I have often spoken of many rescues and rescuers I have worked with, but today I wish to speak of some helpful breeders, mostly Carolina Goldens and Von Picone Shepherds.

These two organizations have never denied a request to use one of their fabulous animals for a special purpose I had in mind. Anyone who knows their breeds will understand the value of each of these animals, but what these animals have helped me achieve is priceless.

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I have gotten to know so many wonderful animals and people through these organizations and anytime I am with them, I am treated like an extended family member.

Obviously, many animals that I met must eventually grow old or pass on just as our own family pets do.

Today’s tale will mostly be about a dear friend from Von Picone Kennels named Xambo.  Xambo was the first Shepherd I had met at Joe Picone’s Chiropractors office.  This big gorgeous Shepherd and I hit it off immediately. It was as if Xambo sensed what was in my heart. Xambo would get overly excited each time he saw me. Xambo was a champion in so many ways, but he was perfect in his ability to separate his business from his love of life. Dr. Picone said that Xambo was known as Uncle Xambo at the kennels. Many of the pup’s sires would just ignore them, but Uncle Xambo would allow them to roughhouse and play with him, and he would remain the gentle Uncle Xambo that he was.

This week, while at the chiropractor, I ran into another dog I learned to love, a beautiful long haired youngster named Odin. Odin had been bitten and lost one quarter of his weight and after thousands and thousands of dollars and some specialists, Odin is finally coming around. “He lost 20 pounds,” Dr. Joe told me, “But he’s gained ten back and is beginning to act like a pup again.”  

“What we went through with Odin has taken my mind off of Xambo,” Joe went on. After I loved up on Odin, Joe and I began to reminisce about Xambo. “He really loved the snow,” Joe said, fighting back tears, “I was blessed to have him for twelve years.”  From Uncle Lennie to Uncle Xambo, “I was proud to call you my friend.”

Thanks for listening.