Lower ISO ratings

Published 12:18 pm Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Columbus, Green Creek Fire Departments lower insurance ratings

POLK COUNTY—Polk County recently had 2 fire departments receive lower ISO ratings. 

Columbus received an ISO Class 4 rating and Green Creek received an ISO Class 5 rating. 

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The ratings were given recently by the North Carolina Department of Insurance and will improve insurance premiums for businesses within those fire districts. 

The changes to the insurance ratings will take effect in May of this year. 

“I know you are proud of your department’s achievement and would like to share this news with the members of your community,” said Insurance Commissioner, State Fire Marshal Mike Causey. “I also know that the majority of citizens may not be aware that the rating of their responding fire department directly impacts their property insurance calculations.”

Green Creek, for example, was a 6/9E split, which means that anyone within 5 driving miles of either fire station gets an approximate 30 percent break on their homeowners insurance. The new rating is a 5/9E split, which will mean even lower insurance rates. In Green Creek, once the new substation in Pea Ridge is complete, Green Creek will be a Class 5 district wide. 

The state reviews fire departments about every 5 or so years to check ratings. Class 9 is the minimum standard to be a rated fire department in the state.