Tryon Hounds Fall Hunter Pace and Trail Ride

Published 7:53 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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The beautiful Cothran Field was the setting for the Tryon Hounds Fall Hunter Pace and Trail Ride. Upon entering the fixture, one most likely was greeted by Jane Campos, Dean McKinney, Nelson Minnick, Courney Mumm, John Napper, or Don West. Larger rigs parked to the right and smaller ones went to the left. There was ample parking for everyone to have plenty of space. 

The weather was crystal clear with a sturdy cool breeze but was warm enough to make the 7.8-mile trail ride delightful. Wendy Hamill and Kathy McElvenny took charge of registration, taking the forms, checking Coggins Reports and issuing numbers.

The course was designed exquisitely by Dean McKinney. Course marking was in the good hands of David and Jeanne Ahrenholz, Tom Eizember, Amanda McDonald, Nelson Minnick, and John Napper. The arrow signs are a huge help in guiding riders on the trails. These were in addition to the ribbons. The trails were very well marked. If someone happened to miss an arrow, there was a beautiful pond complete with geese!

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Our Starter Extraordinaire was the loveable Joey Cabiness. It’s always a treat to have Joey on board. Even as he sends riders out with directions and a joke or two, it takes concentration and attention to ensure the start and finish times are correct. 

The Check Point was in a gorgeous spot with Dave Arenholz, Candy Clapp, Skip Leck, and Bonnie Lingerfelt handing out some mighty fine adult beverages as well as iced cold water. The 3-minute stop is always a nice break for riders and their mounts.

The Piéce de resistance was the wonderful meals that were prepared by Joshua and Marcus Kirkendoll and the whole Kirk’s Kitchen Crew. Kirk’s Kitchen is located in Landrum across from Clayton Monuments. They had an amazing menu to choose from and absolutely delivered. With such a large crowd the food supply ran out. This a family affair business and local to the area. 

The Landowners who allowed riders passage over their properties were: Jim Cothran, Meadows of Campbell Creek homeowners, Richard Kugler, Michelle Sumner, Red Horse Inn, Christian Wolters, Roger Wolters, Nick Redmond and Penny Dean. All of the properties were gorgeous and provided some very nice photo-ops. 

Now, let’s get to those results:

There was one lone WINGS rider. Shannon Jackson from Ellenboro who finished in First Place with a blazing time of 51 minutes, two seconds!

In the Field Hunter Division there were 64 riders in 30 teams. The Optimum Time was one hour, 15 minutes, 32 seconds, which was set by Reed McNutt. 


First Place Honors were received by Beth Fiszer from Roebuck, just 12 seconds under optimum with the time of one hour, 15 minutes, 20 seconds. Sam Dawkins from Columbus nabbed the Second Place Red Ribbon with the time of one hour, 17 minutes, 30 seconds. Third Place was awarded to the trio of Anne and Andy Curell from Columbus and Steve Untiedt from Campobello with a time of one hour, 17 minutes, 33 seconds, just a mere three seconds out of Second Place! Fourth Place was awarded to the sextet of Ellie Dumier, Carol Land from Marvin, Julianne Kosel and Lexie Shore from Waxhaw, Ava Sullivan and Savanah Wade. Their time was one hour, 13 minutes, 30 seconds. Carrie and Olive Wilsey from Hendersonville placed Fifth with the time of one hour, 18 minutes, 12 seconds. Rounding out the placements in the Field Hunter division were Birdie and Mike Axelrod from Columbus with the time of one hour, 18 minutes, 53 seconds. 

Other Field Hunters out on the trails were Danielle Bali, Julia Bennett, Mary Benson, Kathy Bethka, Carol Bridges, Marlana Burrell, Pavlina Byma, Debbie Croft, Steph Culbertson, Barb DiPalma, Taylor Fordney, Carla Fullam, Brynia Gunnarsdothir, Jennifer Hartell, Reikka Hekkaraine, Jane Herman, Lucille Hooper, Jacob and Helen Kaiser, Kaitlyn Kubink, Natalie Lane, Catherine Lee, Harriet Lewis, Karen McMananay, Claire Moore, Rachel Neese, Gary and Mallory Norvell, Maria Oglesby, Gisele O’Grady, Jennarose Ortmeyer, Daniel, Harry, Jessica, and Louise Palmer, Tosha Pizzola, Linda Plummer, Asher Quinn, Elise and Maddie Rogers, Deb Schmitz, Martha and Peter Shanahan, Jenny Taylor, Lily Taylor, Rebeca Tolson, Pat Woods, and Sarah Yezierski. 

There were 65 riders in 32 teams in the Trail Rider Division. The Calculated Optimum Time was one hour, 58 minutes, two seconds. 

First Place Honors were awarded to Abbey Devries from Indian Trail and Susan Tramell from Fort Mill with the time of one hour, 57 minutes, 16 seconds. Hayley Johnston from Rutherfordton and Paige Stout from Columbus laid claim to the Second Place Ribbons with a time of one hour, 56 minutes, 58 seconds. Third Place was awarded to Janet Cummings, Carol, CR, and Kirsten Stanley, all from Columbus with the time of one hour, 59 minutes, 19 seconds. Fourth Place has a tie! Nancy Anderson and Phil Sinclair from Spartanburg and Louise Mead from Summersville had a time of one hour, 55 minutes, 30 seconds, just two minutes 32 seconds under the optimum. Jennifer and Olivia Wilson from Mill Spring finished with the time of two hours, 34 seconds also two minutes 32 seconds off the optimum, thus also placing Fourth. Rounding out the placements in the Trail Rider Division for Sixth Place was the duo of Cathleen Coggins from Simpsonville and Sara Borkowsky from Pelzer with the time of two hours, 40 seconds. The Trail Rider Division has two Honorable Mentions. Dixie Howell from Inman and Madison Stout from Columbus finished with the time of one hour, 55 minutes, 13 seconds. Kathy Nebel and Deb Zarish from Tryon finished with a time of one hour, 55 minutes, three seconds. Both Honorable Mention teams were within 30 seconds of 6th place.

Other Trail Riders having a grand time on the trails were Kristin Astle, Stefanie Bates, Tara Boyce, Missy Bright, Bob and Tamara Bruning, Julie Bennett, Pam Burrows, David Catoe, Taylor Docktor, Jolie and Tom Eizember, Shelby Frazier, Bristol Gomer, Dawn Harrison, Desiree Hill, Sandra Hyder, Megan Ryan Kessdl, Linda Kolbas, Lisa Kotalik, Meredith Lee, Kristin Leppard, Mary Macy, Ronnie Mann, Cynthia McDonald, Amanda McDonald, Lauren McRoe, Karen Merrill, Gabrielle Miller, Cynthia Mulligan, Suzy Nixon, Georgia and Kathy O’Connell, Tracie Parker, Boots Plyler,  Janna Ritacco, Susan Russell, Leslie Scott, Susan and Emily Sentell, Teresa Snyder, Andrea Stoll, Olynda Stretcher, Peggy Sullenberger, Katie Tighe, Jennifer Trilk, and Andrew Uinaudo.

There was a nice group of riders in the Mini-Pace Division. Dorothy Bayer, Camille Fiszer, Kathy Gruhn, Sue Halderman, Towles Napper and Ivey Sumrell enjoyed the shorter ride for the day. What a beautiful day for a leisurely ride!

Next up for the Western Carolina Hunter Pace Series is the Green Creek Hounds Halloween Hunter Pace and Trail Ride, scheduled for Sunday October 30th, 2021 to be held at Coxe Road Fixture.  Their rain date is Sunday October 31st, 2021. Come, ride, eat, and enjoy the day. 

A reminder that there has been a switch with the FENCE Fall Hunter Pace and the Windridge Winter Hunter Pace. Windridge Farms will host the Hunter Pace on Sunday, November 7th and FENCE will hold their Hunter Place on Sunday, December 5th with the Goodwin Hounds in between on Sunday, November 21st.  Hope you plan to join us for some, or better yet, all!

 To save some time at the Registration Tables, download the Registration Forms from the Western Carolina Hunter Pace website for the specific event and slap a return address label on it including your emergency contact and email to insure you can be contacted. If there is a meal order sheet included with the registration form on the website just turn this in along with the registration form to insure you get your meal.  Some forms don’t have a spot for an address but go ahead and write it somewhere on the form or use the aforementioned label!

Check the website at for upcoming events, changes, and to view your photos taken by Photographers Lou and Jan Smith. With the weather being so unpredictable here of late, rain dates are in place in case of a postponement.


Submitted by Missy Bright