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Dunk the Imposter President

Letter to the Editor

After seeing the post below posted on FB, I was livid.

I received permission from the author of this post to share anonymously. I am beyond angry and disgusted. I am part of the foothill’s community of Columbus, Tryon and Landrum. I love our little community unity. Obviously, there’s not as much unity as I’d hoped.

I know this is a majority Republican area…. but we are celebrating The 4th of July!!!!

This weekend, along with Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day, should be about nothing but unity! I am livid that the Polk County Republican Party would choose this weekend to not only push a lie, but to do so in such a public way at a patriotic event. There were young impressionable children present. It is an abomination that this kind of booth would be approved by the Columbus City Council! The 4th of July is a celebration about the “United” States of America. Polk County, and especially the Polk County Republicans, should be ashamed of their disgraceful and disgusting display on this special occasion.
“Went to Columbus 4th celebration to kill some time today. There was a dunk booth funded by the republicans called “Dunk the Imposter President “. It was a guy in a Joe Biden mask. So sad!” Posted with permission.

Virginia Megee