Community Collaboration Equals Success

Published 8:40 pm Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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When Beau Menetre approached Tryon Painters and Sculptors about a poster competition for the 7th Annual Tryon International Film Festival – also known as TRIFF21 – there was a resounding YES from the President. Collaboration is the key to growth and success between organizations and this proved to be a fun and successful venture. Beau and Kirk Gollwitzer are the co-founders of the very successful festival under the auspices of the Polk County Film Initiative.

TPS sent out the call to their member artists to compete and gave them guidelines and deadlines. This was not an easy piece of art to design but the completed work was amazing. The artists were asked to portray Tryon and Film. You immediately think of Morris and the Tryon Theatre which are great landmarks, but there had to be more. The competition was stiff and the TRIFF21 board had a difficult decision to make. There were, of course, parts and pieces of each they liked, but there could only be one piece of art to become the internationally shown poster.

The participating regional artists were Robin Davenport, Lydia Juenger, Grace Lertora, Chuck Mattern, Lindsey Moore, Jane Oakes, Susan Ruby and Marie Woodward.  This group was a pleasure to work with and did not disappoint in the resulting art.  When they turned in their work in at the TPS gallery Beau did a video interview with each, asking them to describe the inspiration  behind their work.

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The winner was Chuck Mattern with his piece with a backdrop of the mountains and sunset. He hit on all the buttons TRIFF21 was seeking. His design will be seen in many venues internationally – our own Tryon artist.

The final poster will be unveiled at the TRIFF fundraiser, Cajun Occasion, on June 6th. Beau from New Orleans, the home of “anything gumbo”, will be competing against Chef Sarah McClure from Southside Smokehouse in a Food Network type contest. This will be a fun filled evening with friends and great Cajun inspired food in addition to the contest.

In the continued collaboration I would be remiss if I did not remind you of the Tryon International Film Festival dates – October 8-10.          

Last year’s festival was virtual around the world and proved to be as successful as it could be without the human interaction we all need. The 7th Annual will be LIVE in “the friendliest town in the South”. Tryon is becoming a tourist spot and with events like this has a bright future.  

Thank you to each of the artists who competed and to TRIFF21 for reaching out.  We hope this relationship will grow as we move forward with many more festivals.  And much gratitude to TRIFF21 for putting our lovely home, Tryon, on the map.

Submitted by Nancy Holland