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Polk adds another 37 COVID cases

County has administered 4,183 vaccines so far

POLK COUNTY—Polk County added another 37 cases of COVID-19 this week up to 1,335 from 1,298 last Friday. 

The county also added another death from the virus in the last couple of weeks, going from 25 deaths to 26 deaths by Friday, Feb. 12. 

There were no new deaths reported this week, according to the Polk County Health and Human Service Agency. 

As of Friday, Feb. 19, the county had administered 4,183 vaccines, which was an increase of 786 vaccinations this week.

The county has shifted over the last several weeks to vaccinations instead of testing. There were delays in vaccination deliveries this week because of inclement weather Thursday across the state. 

Since testing began last March, Polk County has completed 17,088 tests. There are currently 1,255 of patients who are presumed recovered and as of Friday, 9 tests were still pending. 

There have been 60 people hospitalized from the virus in the county. 

There percent positive this week was 6.4 percent, which is down from previous weeks. 

Most of the positive cases in the county continue to be in women at 54.38 percent and males at 45.62 percent, according to the county’s latest data. 

Most of the cases in the county have been in people age 50-64; followed by people age 25-49; 75 and above; 65-74; 0-17 and 18-24. 

Cases continue to be found in Polk County Schools, with the school system following protocol and quarantine any students and teachers who may have been exposed. 

People can visit polknc.org for more information on how to get a vaccine or answer any questions about the virus in the county.