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Published 10:48 am Monday, February 1, 2021

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Letter to the editor

The truth of this matter is that our President NEVER called for violence of any kind and told the crowd at the end of his speech to go home in peace. This is on the video record.

Then as the huge crowd walked toward the Capitol, several white vans of much more aggressive people, many with Antifa tattoo’s but dressed as conservatives, jumped from the vans and were led by Capitol police to the front doors of the Capitol.
The police took away the barriers and unlocked the doors and let the people in. The Antifa thugs were already breaking windows and calling for the crowd to come inside. They were the only ones who were aggressive. The invited conservatives who went in were looking around and taking pictures like tourists for the most part. This has also been verified in even mainstream media, and several Antifa leaders have been arrested so the record is also clear here. The very few who were aggressive should be called out always—but they do not represent the 99.999% of those there. Many more aggressors were liberal Antifa thugs.
Now, the liberals Democrats here in Polk County are trying to paint this in a false narrative once again saying that we were the aggressors, while ignoring the many months of burning, looting and rioting in many of our big cities—that they endorsed. They said, “these people are mostly peaceful demonstrators”, while courthouses, churches and businesses burned, and billions of dollars of damage were done.

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Over 50 people, including police officers were killed in the name of “peaceful protests”. They are falsely claiming that they feel threatened by those who exercised their First Amendment Rights here in Polk County, while every demonstration we held here was completely peaceful with legal county permits. The only attempted violence was from the other side. One Saturday, when a flag-waver was greeted by a person swerving as if to hit him. The police saw it and gave him a ticket for that and is on the record as well. I am working right now to find this policeman to get the report.
Conservatives and Republicans only want a Constitutional America with all the freedoms we are guaranteed. We believe others have the rights to their freedoms, so long as they don’t try to take away ours. It is a live and let live attitude, and we respect everyone’s rights. We are peaceful patriots and want to heal and unify this country. But there is an element out there of Marxism that is trying to take all that away and brainwash our children toward a dark future. American Patriots will do everything legally to make sure that never happens.


Lee Emerson

Mill Spring