Don’t let the beacon waver

Published 9:16 pm Sunday, January 24, 2021

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Letter to the Editor

I am writing a letter to the editor (for the first time in my life), to join the call to bring the traitors that carried out the terrorist attack on our nation’s capital on January 6, 2021 to justice. These traitors, and the people that incited them to commit these heinous acts, must be brought to justice.

I expect my elected officials – from our federal senators and representatives, our North Carolina state and house representatives to our local county commissioners – to call for and take action, to ensure swift justice for these traitors, no matter whether they are government representatives or common criminals.

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Many of the perpetrators are possibly elected officials. These people took an oath to defend the constitution Their insurrection, whether by action or words, is criminal and must be responded to.

Our great nation has always been a beacon for justice and democracy. January 6, 2021 will be remembered as a day that beacon wavered. I hope with all my heart it does not go out.


Carrie Federici