Seeing things half full- Letter to the Editor

Published 3:07 pm Monday, September 14, 2020

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Seeing things half full

In the past few weeks, I have begun to hear a low negative vibe in the area. I know that we are all cooped up and ready to blow up. Let me tell you now to stop it!! We are Tryonites and thus the following are deemed to be acceptable for all.

  1. When we see the glass, we always see it half full; but more importantly it can be refilled in Tryon.
  2. Remember that the future of Tryon will be brighter only if we make it so.
  3. A positive attitude is a force multiplier; anyone can find fault. Look for the good in mankind!
  4. The sound of a child’s laughter can cure nearly anything.
  5. Old age is a sign of survival; pass it on!
  6. Talk to your neighbors; welcome visitors; call someone! Today!
  7. Make a donation to one of our organizations today.
  8. Go out to eat and secretly pay for someone’s meal.
  9. Smile and wave at people as you drive or walk through Town.
  10. Remember that better days are ahead.

There are any number of positive things that can be said. If you spread negativity, expect it to come back. Much of what I said above has come from others. At least one is from Superintendent Aaron Green, and at least one from General Colin Powell.

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J Alan Peoples