To mask or not to mask-Letter to the editor

Published 9:42 am Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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To mask or not to mask


I have a few questions for our friends and neighbors who refuse to wear masks in public during these Covid 19 days.

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First, when you go to a restaurant and find a sign that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” do you

  1. Go to another restaurant that permits not wearing shirts and shoes?
  1. Take off your shirt and shoes, enter the restaurant, and insist on your right to do so and be served?
  2. Abide by the restaurant’s protocol and enter wearing shirt and shoes (and pants of course) and enjoy your meal?

Second, when you drive to a street with an arrow sign declaring “one way,” do you insist on your right to drive in any direction that is preferable to you?

Third, do you insist that no one in your car wear seat belts as you drive, because you think it is an unnecessary encumbrance imposed by the government on your right to drive yourself and others as you prefer?

Fourth, if you are a Christian, do you not understand that Jesus’ call to love neighbors is exemplified by protecting them from transmission of the virus via you wearing a mask?

Wearing a mask is a pain. Glasses steam up. It gets hot underneath. But its not forever.


David Hosick