“Generational Wealth” threatened by “New Wealth”

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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Approximately during the 2nd week of June 2020, several home owners on East Pea Ridge Road (EPRR) (Coxe Road) noticed orange survey flags from the Green Creek Fire Department (GCFD): (1) adjacent to a home owner’s property and (2) next to the entrance driveway to another home owners’ property where he is planning to building a home. This affects the planned beautification of both home owners’ front yards.

Upon contacting the GCFD, I learned that they were planning to purchase that plot of land for a “fire sub-station”. The homeowners of EPRR were not aware of this until I called the chief of the GCFD.

As a result, the GCFD had its first meeting with the EPRR homeowners on July 16 to inform us of their intent.

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On July 30, a second meeting was held which included homeowners from Green River Highlands and other homeowners within a 5-mile driving range of the GCFD. During this meeting “to only discuss a desire to have a fire sub-station”, the homeowners were asked to write their comments on a slip of paper and place them in a box which had been provided.

One EPRR citizen stated that she would not comment negative or positive, since one of the three properties considered was in our residential area, which some homeowners were against.

A fire sub-station is not acceptable in our residential community. There are two other options that have been offered to the GCFD – not in a residential area and within the 5-mile radius (and less).

In the midst of economic growth in Polk County, we do not want the “new wealth” to expand to the detriment of our “generational wealth”


Keith Twitty and Tony Lynch

Green Creek