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Good Samaritans abound in this area!-Letter to the editor

Good Samaritans abound in this area!


Especially now, when this country suffers from pandemic induced turmoil, I had two gentlemen come to my aid when I was stranded with a trailer load of timber that had become instable, making it impossible to continue driving.

Landrum Police Department Patrolman ”Dill” pulled over and began assisting. Shortly, Mr. Keith Simon of Carolina Stone Surfaces also stopped and with muscle and tools they put my load in order. I drove home safely.

One has only to observe the inhumanity in the national news and compare that to the unsolicited civility that I experienced to know how special the people in this wonderful area are—The police and ordinary citizens care about each other.

I commend these gentlemen for assistance above and beyond, which they provided to an old and worried stranger.


Jerry Atkins

Lake Lanier