Open letter to Mr. Garland Goodwin

Published 9:27 am Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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We became friends when you returned to your native Polk County to retire from your profession. Right away there was a connection between us because you were in the same profession my son is in. Also, you know and are friends with his wife’s family. The other connection is the TDB.   You worked there in the inner workings. I, as a “textile mill hill” boy of 8 or 9, would walk across the hill close to where you live now to the TDB office and pick up “The World’s Smallest Daily Newspaper,” roll them up and put them in the back pocket of my blues jeans and walk all over town delivering them. (Of course, it didn’t hurt in that a cute little girl on my route would sometimes give me cookies to eat.)

My wife tells me we should give “flowers” while people are alive.

I want to thank you for friendship and allowing me to collaborate with you on writing an article for the TDB on Mr. Charles McGuinn, a prominent businessman, in the Sunny View community. That was a learning experience for me.

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I considered it a privilege and honor to go with you as a county commissioner to our elementary schools. You would tell the students about the work of the Lion Club and give out a booklet, The Constitution of The United States. I was given the opportunity to speak about the history of Polk County and how county government works.

Several weeks ago, you told me that the Columbus Lion Club was turning in its charter. I was not surprised, but being a charter member, I was saddened to think another organization that was helping people without using government funds would be gone. I guess there just are not enough younger folks wanting to do helpful things like that. Garland and Fran, thanks for your leadership and work to keep the Columbus Lions Club alive.

Thanks again for your service to this wonderful community we call Polk County.

Garland and Fran may your lives continue to be Blessed.

Ted B. Owens

Columbus, N.C.