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Towns to get 25 percent

County will disperse $146K of pandemic relief funds to 3 towns

POLK COUNTY—Polk County now knows how it will disperse its CARES Act pandemic recovery funds, including that 25 percent of the total will be given to the 3 towns based on population.

Polk County received a total of $587,186 with $146,797 split between Columbus, Saluda and Tryon.

Tryon will receive the most at $74,648, with Columbus receiving $41,823 and Saluda receiving $30,326. The populations of the towns are Tryon with 1,792 residents; Columbus with 1,004 residents and Saluda with 728 residents, according the county’s documentation.

The Polk County Board of Commissioners met Monday and heard from county manager Marche Pittman about the funding. Pittman said he has already told each town how much money they will be receiving based on their populations.

Commissioners approved a budget amendment money to account for the towns’ reimbursements.

Polk County also outlined how it would disperse the remainder of its funding, including $45,900 to COVID-19 related expenses such as hospitals and clinics; $188,989 for communication and enforcement, acquisition of protective supplies and cleaning; $71,500 for payroll expenses and $134,000 for food delivery, distance learning, paid sick, family and medical leave