Boys will be boys

Published 2:02 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Special cases

By Leonard Rizzo


There’s one thing we could all learn about little children and puppies, if they could get it in their mouth, they may swallow it.

Children are much easier to control and keep our eyes on then puppies are, still a loving parent is constantly on the “Don’t swallow that!” watch. Puppies on the other hand are all over the place. I’ve had calls on everything from tennis balls to whole wash towels being swallowed. There are so many do’s and don’ts to be followed when raising a puppy, often that must continue even into adulthood. Unfortunately, the little imps are quicker, and sometimes able to outsmart us when we’re not looking.

I have exchanged many hilarious tales with other rescues and dog owners about objects that were swallowed. I’ll bet most of our local vets could tell some wild tales themselves. All too often it isn’t funny at all and the object swallowed could be life threatening if not surgically removed.

On Friday the 3rd of July I was having a very bad day at dialysis. My blood pressure couldn’t be controlled, and my temperature spiked to 101. After nearly six hours on that darned machine and two bags of fluid poured into me I was stabilized enough to pick up some antibiotics ordered for me at Landrum Pharmacy. I pretty much slept the rest of the day and night and all I ate was one protein bar. I heard Elaine receive the call about a puppy that had a blockage and the owners could only afford part of the bill. In my semi stupor I told Elaine, “Tell them I’ll handle it, take care of the puppy.”

I awoke on the 4th of July feeling 90% better and at a special Independence Day Mass at our church I remembered to add a little prayer for the puppy I never met.

Finally after Monday’s dialysis I went to check on Tico, the new Uncle Lennie’s kid. I’ve seen many dogs like him of undetermined breed, if I had my choice, I’d name them all Scruffy. Dr. Parker held him for me as I took some photos and gave the little imp my customary kiss. I learned the operation went well and Tico is going to be fine. “Okay,” I asked Dr. Parker, “What did the little imp get into?” Dr. Parker replied with a playful glint in her eyes, “He swallowed a pair of bright red Victoria Secret panties.” I laughed out loud, “Oh well, boys will be boys.”

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