Remembering 9-11, IGA and the Columbus Lions

Published 2:31 pm Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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By Garland O. Goodwin

Remember When column

How could I not remember the obvious? Friend Claude responded to my query, suggesting September 11, 2001. That was truly another “Day of Infamy,” as President Roosevelt said of December 7, 1941.

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Fran and I returned from a delightful breakfast at Hardee’s with “The Girls.” Son Thomas was living downstairs and he came running up and excitedly turned on our TV just before the second airplane hit the other tower. We were spellbound as we watched the first tower just slide down inside itself to be only a pile of rubble after the dust cleared.

This attack succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, as parts of the Muslim world cheered this blow to the United States. The loss of lives was appalling; one of my piano tech friends lost more than half of his customers!

Since moving to White Oak in Tryon, we have begun to do more shopping at IGA.

I have been getting distilled water for my CPAP machine from Donnie Jolley there for years. Donnie is a friend of very long standing, met at McDonald’s. I usually find Donnie in back, stocking shelves. When he sees me, he gets a case of water, rolls it up front, tells the cashier “three @ 99 cents,” waits until I pay, then rolls the cart to my car, where I open the back for him to put the case inside.

Last week I went early so as to catch Donnie before he went home for the day. Store was not yet open, but owner/manager Willard Teaster saw me and unlocked a door and beckoned me to enter. I told him what I wanted, and he did just as Donnie always does. Wow!

We’d like to recommend IGA, as we’ve found everyone there to be friendly and helpful.

Sadly, I must report the end of the Columbus Lions Club, as we voted to turn in our charter at the end of this Lions year, which was June 30th. The Saluda club went first, followed a few years ago by the venerable Tryon club.

The late Lion Harold Taylor invited me to speak to the Tryon Lions c1958 when I came home to visit. After I had become a “seasoned” Columbus Lion Secretary, Harold invited me to install the Tryon officers each year. As their treasurer, Harold gave us many $$ to use in our work when they dissolved.

When a non-profit dissolves, by law its treasury must go to another non-profit. Ours went to Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry, where the fund will continue to buy glasses—promised by Executive Director George Alley.

When the Columbus club voted to allow women to be Lions, the ladies were voted into leadership positions right away and the club continued to flourish. Fran served several terms as President, so she once told the late Mayor of Tryon, Ellis Fincher, that she understood why he ran again for the job.

He asked her that if she knew why, would she please tell him, so she said “To get your picture in the Bulletin!” We all enjoyed a good laugh.

Fran and I consider being Lions a lifetime commitment, like church, and thought of continuing with another club. However, upon a more realistic appraisal of my present capabilities, I have decided to revert to being just a plain civilian retiree.

Fran is not happy with the ending of the Columbus Lions, nor with ending her association with an active club. I believe you will understand and empathize with her disappointment, and with my resignation to a simpler life in the few years I may have left.

I expect to visit my VIPs when they have birthdays, as a friend if not as a Lion. Maybe neither of us will notice any difference!