A job well done

Published 2:34 pm Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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By Leonard Rizzo

Special cases

I have been working with and for animals for nigh on thirty years. I have loved and lost too many to count. Most are rescued animals that I’ve helped and then placed into loving homes. Others are the animals of friends that I’ve learned to love, many of which also are rescues and of course, my own personal kids. I’m not always “Uncle Lennie” a choice few have called me “dad.” I have often stated that “God only lends them to us” and doing this work is an emotional roller coaster.

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P.J. was a cute little black and white 2 year old Fiest found roaming the road on Rt. 14 and 11. P.J. didn’t have a tag collar or micro chip and no owner could be located so he was brought home to join the Larson menagerie. Bert and Jeanette have been friends and supporters of my kids for 15 years now. Jeanette is on of the four board members of Lennie’s Fund Inc., my nonprofit 501c3 better known as Lennie’s kids.

P.J. has been around for countless rescues that have come and gone, and I’ve had the privilege of knowing them all through visits to my dear friends. I have been responsible for quite a few; the latest is Gunnar, the tri colored Fancy Bulldog.

With each visit P.J. would be quick to greet you and would shower you with kisses if you allowed him. Once you settled in for your visit you would inevitably find P.J. on the couch plastered to his momma’s hip. As friendly as he was to allow ho knew him, he was most definitely a momma’s boy.

A few years ago, P.J. was diagnosed with diabetes and started an insulin program. His loving demeanor and friendship never changed but he began to physically deteriorate. Last year P.J. lost his closest friend Rockii, who had been with him since Rockii was a puppy. Then he and Jeanette lost Bert, P.J.’s daddy and by now he was nearly totally blind.

Lately P.J. has lost all awareness of who and where he is, very reminiscent of my sweet Allie. This week at the age of 17 all of P.J.’s quality of life had been used up and he was quietly and lovingly put to sleep.

P.J. has left a hole in our lives that can never be filled but we can thank God for the time He has given us with him. And to you P.J., wherever you are, “Thank you my friend, it was a job well done.”

Thanks for listening.