Mask, or not

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Mask, or not

Thank you, Mrs. Clement, for your comments about the letter, “Masking or not”. It was nicer than mine would have been.

I would like to add two remarks:

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Mr. Goldstein mentioned  that many deaths occurred in adult care facilities where “their care givers wear masks properly” … A lot of those facilities had neither the adequate equipment (even basics, like masks, gloves, sanitizing supply…) nor enough staff members to start with. They also were late to respond to the threat of infection. He needs to check his sources of information.

If some of our retirement communities in Polk County are doing well, it is due to the immediate implementation of consistent health safety measures at all level of care, from cleaning, food preparation, nursing, and not just lock-down and masks!

Yes, masks are uncomfortable, itchy, and difficult to wear for long periods of time. The reflex to not touch your face while wearing them, to wash your hands often, to keep social distancing at all time, are automatisms that require time and practice to acquire.

My thanks to all staff in stores and restaurants, who must wear them for long hours, for making that effort. My gratitude to all who show the same awareness and caring for others by wearing masks in public.

Marie King

Tryon, NC