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A percentage is just a number

Letter to the editor


A percentage is just a number


The day that Governor Cooper opened up covid-19 restrictions the media reported a spike in the daily number of Covid-19 cases in North Carolina. There is no relationship between the two events. The daily count of Covid-19 cased depends on the number of people tested.

If 1000 people are tested and 100 are positive that is 10 percent. If 500 people are tested and 50 are positive that is also 10 percent. The percentage is what is important.

If you eat lunch with a person who has Covid-19 you will not immediately test positive. It may not show up for a few days or you may never get it. Only a downward trend in the positive number of Covid-19 cases is important.

Keep this in mind when the media tries to scare you with Covid-19 data.


Joe Jackan