The new norm

Published 12:44 pm Monday, May 11, 2020

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The new norm

Leonard Rizzo

Each day I become more and more frustrated by how easily people give up their liberties. The words “The new norm” are the most Un-American words you can ever hear.  Imagine where this country (or even the world) would be if each time when faced with a problem or dilemma, be it war, science, industrial or even medical (lo this pandemic) we throw up our hands and pronounced the new norm.

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This country is no brighter than any other country in this world, as a matter of fact, we are made up from each one of them. It is our Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that set us apart. The preamble states our inalienable right; “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We have pretty much decimated life at both ends of the spectrum. Unwanted children or elders that are too expensive to care for are conveniently discarded. Look around you, see all the liberties that are being taken away for your own good. Believe me, as sure as night follows day, your pursuit of happiness will soon follow.

Each time I send a letter to the editor I am pleased by the overwhelming positive response I receive, I answer most of them personally.

When I wrote “The new me” the negative response was that I was “snarky.”

When I wrote my answer to the pandemic, the one negative was “Stick to cats and dogs.” Nothing to debate here, the method is always the same, don’t discuss the issues, attack the messenger.

Thanks for listening.