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Flower planting in downtown Tryon

Last week, volunteers helped beautify the Town of Tryon by transplanting annual Vinca into the TDDA planter boxes. The plants were grown by the high school students in the FFA program at Polk County High School.

“We love using the plants the students grow at Polk County High,” said Denise Barthold of the Tryon Garden Club. “They grow a beautiful plant that thrives after we transplant them into the town’s flower planters.”

Most years the students help plant their flowers. This year’s Corona virus made transplanting the plants a little more challenging. Following the social distancing guidelines forced the planting effort onto the currently unused parking on North Trade Street in downtown.

Those folks who helped were volunteers David Hamrick and Carter Hamrick, Tryon Garden Club members — Jackie Burke, Denise Barthold and Linda Lovelace and John Vining of the Tryon Parks Committee.

Annual Vinca was chosen because they love heat, are drought tolerant and produce a lot of flowers. The flower boxes were placed in front of several commercial buildings throughout downtown Tryon.


Submitted by John Vining