How to protect what you have in Tryon

Published 12:27 pm Monday, March 23, 2020

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Let me give you the scenario that Harriet and I have followed so far during this time of necessary over precaution regarding the Covid 19. Please remember that the average age of Tryon’s citizens is probably higher than most of the state. Since the president and the governor have decided to try to limit the contact among people, Harriet and I realize that the ones most likely hurt by this move will be small local businesses.

This is how we have decided to help all of our local businesses. During the past 10 days we have done the following:

  • Bought groceries and supplies from IGA
  • Bought gas at the Triangle Stop
  • Bought coffee at the Tryon Coffee House
  • Got carry out from La Gaule
  • Got carry out from The Bottle
  • Got carry out from Harpers
  • Ate at Huckleberry’s on Monday
  • Ate at Lavender Bistro last Tuesday
  • Ate at McGourty’s on Sunday
  • Bought soap from Julia Calhoun’s shops
  • Bought a picture frame from Dark Horse Antiques
  • Had some legal work done by Bailey Nager last week
  • Had some framework done at Green River Gallery
  • Purchased a coffee cup at a Taste of Olives and Grapes
  • Purchased a book from The Book Shelf

We will eventually get to everyone and help as much as we can. Please help also!!!

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Please help our local businesses; they are the backbone of our Town.


J Alan Peoples

Mayor, Tryon, NC