Although separated, we are all in this together

Published 1:22 pm Friday, March 20, 2020

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We are all in shock, I’m certain of it, of what has transpired this week. Schools were closed down over the weekend, churches closed, then in-house restaurant dining and now it seems that toilet paper, meat and other essentials have turned into gold.

We are all worried about people who cannot or should not get out, worried about the people who are not getting a paycheck and worried about the future of our country. 

Most in the area know that I’m not the healthiest, with Type I diabetes and no spleen, so we have decided it is best if I work from home exclusively and seek help with getting the necessities I need.  

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And boy have I gotten plenty of help. I am so impressed with this community and the help being offered to me as well as to everyone.

Polk County and town officials worked way ahead of the virus even coming close to this area by meeting and making plans very early on. The school systems have all stepped up to feed children and keep them busy. 

Local restaurants are staying open and not only offering pick-ups, but offering delivery, as well as other businesses offering deliveries. 

Thermal Belt Outreach, local churches and the Polk County Community Foundation have all stepped up as well. PCCF has provided funds to pay for people’s meals at local restaurants, which is being coordinated with Outreach. Churches have quickly created teams of healthy volunteers to go to the grocery store or pharmacy and deliver products to our residents. 

Stott’s Ford stepped up and offered to pick up food from Tryon restaurants and deliver it to area elderly and shut-in residents for free. And if the person is unable to pay, Stott’s has offered to do that too. Wow. 

And to the nurses, police officers, fire fighters, store employees, government workers, hospital and all healthcare workers and anyone else who still has to go to work to keep this area running, thank you. We appreciate and pray for your safety. 

We are all scared and do not know what the future holds. Some of us have children who are bored to tears and sad and confused and miss their friends and sports. 

But hopefully we will all get through it together. We are separated physically, but still taking care of our own. 

So far, there are no confirmed cases in Polk County or Landrum and we all hope and pray we can keep it that way. 

Kudos to this community for stepping up to take care of our people. We really are all in this together and I have complete faith we will take care of each other somehow. 

If anyone needs anything and does not know where to turn, feel free to call or email me and I can put you in touch with someone who can help, even if I cannot do it myself. I can be reached on my cell phone at 828-817-0681 or email at