Polk has mostly unaffiliated voters 

Published 1:03 pm Monday, March 2, 2020

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County has 1,200 more women voters than men

COLUMBUS—Polk County has more unaffiliated voters than republican and democrat and more women voters than men. 

There are currently 5,861 registered unaffiliated voters in the county, compared to 5,604 registered republicans and 3,912 registered democrats, according to the Polk County Board of Elections. 

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The margin between republicans and democrats is 1,692 and the margin between unaffiliated voters and republican voters is 257. 

The total number of registered voters in Polk County is 15,475, which includes 81 registered libertarians, 9 registered green party and 8 registered constitution party. 

Female registered voters have the majority in the county, with a total of 8,211, compared to 6,999 male, which is a 1,212 margin. There are 265 registered voters in the county who are undesignated on sex. 

White voters also have the majority in Polk County. There are 14,093 white registered voters, compared to 662 black, 7 American Indian, 31 Asian, 48 multi-race and 175 other. 

Polk County has 7 townships, with most of the townships being mostly unaffiliated. 

There are currently no townships that have mostly democrats currently. 

Coopers Gap, Columbus 2 and Green Creek have more republicans than any other affiliation, while the townships of Columbus 1, Saluda, Tryon and White Oak have more unaffiliated registered voters. 

Tryon has the most registered voters at 3,041, with 952 registered democrats, 873 registered republicans and 1,194 registered unaffiliated voters. 

Green Creek has the next most registered voters at 2,745. There are 724 registered democrats, 1,095 registered republicans and 916 registered unaffiliated voters in Green Creek. 

Columbus 2 has the third highest registered voters with 2,575. There are 556 registered democrats, 1,038 registered republicans and 966 registered unaffiliated voters in Columbus 2. 

Columbus 1 has the fourth highest number of registered voters with 2,280. There are 602 registered democrats, 743 registered republicans and 916 registered unaffiliated voters in Columbus 1. 

White Oak has the fifth highest with 1,780 total. There are 515 registered democrats, 616 registered republicans and 638 registered unaffiliated voters in White Oak. 

Coopers Gap has the second lowest number of registered voters with 1,535, including 229 registered democrats, 700 registered republicans and 594 registered unaffiliated. 

Saluda has the least amount of registered voters at 1,517. There are 334 registered democrats, 537 registered republicans and 637 registered unaffiliated. 

The most libertarians are located in Tryon with 17, with 16 in Columbus 1, 10 in both Coopers Gap and White Oak, 9 in Green Creek and 8 in Saluda. 

The Green Party has 4 in Tryon, 2 in Columbus 1 and 1 each in Coopers Gap, Columbus 2 and White Oak. 

The Constitution Party has 3 in Columbus 2 and 1 each in Coopers Gap, Columbus 1, Green Creek, Saluda and Tryon. 

Early voting ends Saturday in Polk County at 3 p.m. at the Polk County Board of Elections in Columbus. Saturday is the last day to register to vote. 

The primary election, where people can vote for federal and state candidates will be held on Tuesday, March 3 from 6:30 a.m. -7:30 p.m. at the county’s 7 precincts. 

South Carolina is holding its democratic presidential primary on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at various polling locations.