The Year in Review – May

Published 9:13 pm Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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Over the next several issues, we will publish our annual look back at some of the top stories, newsmakers and images that shaped the year. The following are several of the top stories published in the Bulletin in May.

Harmon Field vandalized

A large amount of damage was done to Harmon Field resulting in an estimated $40,000 in damages.

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The vandalism included broken windows, busted walls and destroyed furniture.  The Town of Tryon offered $500 to anyone with information on the individual(s) who were responsible for the damages. The building that was damaged was once part of Tryon High School in the 1960’s.

Prior to the vandalism, Tryon Town Council considered selling the building, however the requirements to sell were not met because the building was acquired with state recreational funding.  


Nina Simone childhood home restoration

Growing up on East Livingston Street in what was once the center of the African American community in Tryon, Nina Simone was one of six children who shared a home of 660 square feet.

In 2017, a group of visual artists from New York, Adam Pendleton, Rashid Johnson, Ellen Gallagher and Julie Mehretu, purchased Simone’s childhood home for $95,000. The National Trust began a campaign to raise funds to restore the home. The National Trust Hands-On-Preservation-Experience (HOPE) began restoration. The renovation process included numerous donors and parties who helped.  


Dallara ball field opens

The Dallara project renovated Harmon Field’s three baseball fields, gates and fences surrounding them.

The project included buying a new scoreboard and creating a park-like atmosphere by new landscaping. Harry Dallara was a survivor of WWII who moved from the Bronx to Spartanburg and spent most of his Sunday afternoons playing baseball at Harmon Field. Currently, baseball practice is held at Harmon Field all because of the community’s passion to bring back their childhood memories of playing baseball in the park. There is also a bronze statue of Dallara, inspired by a photograph of him hitting a baseball at age 92.

There is also a sculpture at the park in honor of the Tryon All Stars, a semi-professional African-American baseball team that formed in the 1940’s.


Saluda’s 0.2-cent Tax Increase 

Saluda residents received a small increase in taxes this year. The city also budgeted $38,000 for debt service payments on city hall renovations. The new tax rate increased from $0.0645 cents per $100 of property valuation to $0.0665 cents per $100 of property valuation. Water and sewer rates remained the same.

For the general government, the tax rate was 5.6 cents and 1.05 for fire tax rates, which was unchanged for this year.  


Landrum woman’s body found

A Landrum resident was found dead behind the former Steak and Ale restaurant located off Charisma Drive in Spartanburg County.

40-year-old Tiffany Jeanette Robinson was pronounced dead that evening. According to the autopsy, there was no evidence of foul play.


New Police officers sworn in

The City of Landrum swore in two new officers to the Landrum Police Department.

Sgt. Mathew Wise came from a background in drug and narcotics. Reserve Officer Marti Glass had ten years of experience with law enforcement. Glass also earned his Doctorate degree and taught Behavioral Science at North Greenville University. Now, Sgt. Wise and Reserve Officer Glass protect and serve the City of Landrum.  

At this time, there were four more officers undergoing their certificates through online courses.  


Automotive tax for Saluda 

Residents of Saluda began paying an extra automotive tax of $20 per registered vehicle. The tax is paid annually and used for maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing, widening or improving city-owned public streets.

This year, Saluda struggled with potholes and street repairs. Due to the city no longer doing leaf pick-up, the money saved from machine upkeep now goes toward street preservations. $5 of the $20 tax was allowed to be used for other purposes, according to Commissioner Mark Oxtoby.  


Landrum Cardinals take state title in baseball

Thanks to Landrum baseball players Michael Clark, Cole Williams, Evan Siary and so many more, the Landrum Cardinals won the State Championship against Oceanside Collegiate Academy at Mount Pleasant’s Shipyard Park.

After defeating Andrew Jackson High School, the Cardinals advanced through the winner’s bracket and later earned the 2A State Title by a score of 4-2 against Oceanside game.

This title marks the eighth Upper State Championship in the Cardinals’ history and the first one in a decade.  


Lake Lure Classical Academy opens new multi-purpose gymnasium

Lake Lure Classical Academy built a new gymnatorium that now offers many sports programs opportunities to host indoor home games. The gym also has a full stage, equipment and enough space to use for performances and events.

Since 2010, LLCA has been growing and progressing in their K-12 grade programs, so this was a large step for LLCA. For years, students had to travel for miles to practice sports, perform talents and be at events involving their school. Now, the Raptors can do all of their activities on campus.


In Memoriam of:

Robert Earl Arledge 

Rebecca “Becky” Coggins Ashley

Mildred Beane Bradshaw

Louise Mohn Brown

Michael Scott Constance

Hershell G. Corn

Tony Lamar Cunningham

Donna Mae Daniel

Charles E. Earley

Shirley Barth Finnie

Hertha Flack 

Mary Elizabeth Kelley Freeman

James (Marty) Hamilton 

Lillie A. Hilton

Nancy Carolina Janes

Brian Kerr

Kyle F. Kiesau, M.D.

Bertha Helen LaMore

Ernst “Pete” Mahler, Jr.

Sarah Kathryn O’Steen McArthur

Minnie McEntire McCraw

Carl P. Meroney

Dewitt C Miner, III

Emma Prior

Albert Jennings “A.J.” Prince

Margaret E. Salvin

Alice Frazer Slaughter

June Holbert Hill Smisor

JoAnne Wanciak

Ursula Veil Ward-Common

David Wilson

Mary Wolters

Fay Nelson Wuehrmann

Linda Jean Wydysh