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Published 10:13 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

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Spartanburg County employees to receive raise

SPARTANBURG COUNTY – For the first time ever, the Spartanburg County Council approved a plan to raise the pay for all Spartanburg County employees during 2020. Everyone was shocked to find out that Council will not be raising taxes to do this raise.


No extensive research was expressed to the Council audience during the meeting, but Council did share that a wage research study was completed last summer. From the research, the numbers showed that Spartanburg County employees across the board are currently making 8.5 percent less than the surrounding counties. The goal is to raise the current wages 8.5 percent to even out with the surrounding counties.


Some county residents believe that other items should be a priority first , such as the roads. Councilman Lynch shared that in most cases like the road issues, those decisions are above Council even though Council works alongside the state. The council can vote only on where and how the money is spent. 


The pay raise is a result of the quickly expanding county, and last year’s general budget for Spartanburg County was six million dollars over the typical amount. Taxpayers were glad that raises were going to people who deserve it, such as the local law enforcement workers.


County employees are thrilled to hear the news and hope it will develop as Council says it should.  

By Carson Parnell