Counting in Campobello 

Published 10:51 pm Monday, December 9, 2019

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CAMPOBELLO–Spartanburg County public librarian Andy Flynt came out to speak to the Campobello town council about the upcoming 2020 census. The library has taken the lead to communicate the census is coming. Historically, many people typically flock to the libraries to pick up census paperwork.


Flynt shared the importance of filling out the census. He used an example that as a result of the last census, $2,600 dollars came back into the state. Filling out the census brings money into the state and can go even larger as to add a seat in congress. 

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For the first time ever, participants will be able to fill out the census online. It can be filled out by phone and paper as well. The paper form will arrive in mid-April. A downloadable phone app is in the works as well, explained Flynt. Moving the information to advanced technology formats removes the number of people needed that would typically go door–to–door. 


Postcards will be mailed out as a reminder to fill the census out. 


Because the library normally sees high traffic during the census, the Spartanburg County Public Library has decided to lead the discussion among the local communities by going and speaking at council meetings.


One audience member did mention that she had heard from multiple people that some were nervous to fill out the census due to their citizenship status.


Flynt shared that was not the point of the census. He continued by saying the census bureau is not allowed to release any public information for 72 years after it is taken. 


Flynt explained census workers are required to take an oath that they will not share any of the information they see. If they do and are convicted, they can then be fined up to $150,000 dollars and five years in prison. 


A question arose from the audience on what one does if they have a residence in more than one state. Flynt responded that the census should be filled out for the state you are located in on April 1st. 


An audience member also asked about the homeless community. It was explained that Spartanburg County is already working with the local homeless community to get them counted.


More information on the census for 2020 will become available in the next few months. Be on the lookout for the reminder postcards coming to you in the mail as well.  

By Carson Parnell