Be aware heading into the Holiday Season 

Published 10:50 pm Monday, December 9, 2019

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Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference on raising awareness of distracted driving. Sheriff Chuck Wright, Solicitor Barnett, Coroner Rusty Clevenger and Neil and Susie Thomas were in attendance during the event.


Clevenger began the press conference sharing that 61 people that have died due to traffic fatalities this year. 

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Sheriff Wright shared the importance of simply being responsible. He said that people need to be aware of what is happening around them. If a friend has been drinking and is trying to drive, do not let them. 


The press conference hosted Neil and Susie Thomas. The Thomas’s are large advocates of awareness while driving.


In 2001, their 14-year-old son was killed tragically as he was struck by a drunk driver while they were on a walk as a family. Mrs. Thomas explained that because of the careless act, all she is able to give her child for Christmas is flowers on his grave.


Sheriff Wright expressed that condolences to a family who has lost a family member by a distracted driver is not enough. Those who choose to participate in such harmful acts like driving under the influence and other distracted driving issues will not be getting off easy.  He went on to say that nothing can replace losing a family member and if a careless act is what caused the loss, that person will face serious charges for it.  


There are so many options to get you home safely including Uber, Lyft and taxi services. It is important to realize that one’s actions affect more than oneself. It can affect everyone. 


Everyone has the right to enjoy the holiday season with their family members. Be mindful of the actions of others and yourself during the holiday season. 

By Carson Parnell