Stinky situation

Published 1:21 pm Thursday, December 5, 2019

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The Kings save the day

TRYON-Some locals ran into a stinky situation this past Saturday. Multiple people reported that a skunk had somehow found its way into a dumpster through a drain hole. The dumpster is located at Henson Building Materials on Highway 176.


Rick Dunn was on scene as it all occurred. He shared how crazy the whole event went down. Steve Nelon of Henson’s concurred by saying it was one of the most interesting things he had ever seen.


The event took a little over an hour. Without the help of Steve and Marie King, the skunk may not have been as lucky. 


The Kings are local volunteers with Foothills Humane Society and share a love for animals. Steve was on the outside of the dumpster attempting to hold the skunk still while Marie crawled inside of the dumpster to try and push the skunk all the way through the drain hole. After being sprayed multiple times, the skunk was finally removed and was able to go on its way. 


Without the bravery to help a skunk from the Kings, the poor creature would not have had such a happy ending.


After it initially ran away, the skunk returned to where the Kings were standing as if to say thank you for the help. A few moments later, the skunk scurried away happy it was free to go. 

By Carson Parnell