New help for animal abuse

Published 11:12 pm Sunday, December 1, 2019

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The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) held a press conference earlier this week to share information about a new position.


The new position of animal cruelty investigator will fall under specialized investigations of the GCSO. The position will investigate animal abuse and cruelty cases. The goal for this position will result in a decrease in the number of cases related to animal cruelty. 

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Greenville County Sheriff, Mack Brown shared what this new position would entail. Accompanying Sheriff Brown were Captain James Beaver of Crimes Against Children and Specialized Investigations, and Captain Tim Jones of the Criminal Investigation Division.


Brown shared that this new position would be assigned to specialized investigations. This position will be strictly for animal cruelty and abuse. Brown made sure to share that if a complaint is made about a nuisance animal, that event would be reported to animal control. 


“If, and only if, animal cruelty and abuse is evident will this new position be involved in the case.” Brown explains. He continued with examples of what forms of animal cruelty would be included, such as chained dogs being neglected.


He also used an example of a woman who tried to throw her cat out of a moving vehicle going down Interstate 85. Also mentioned were the horse attacks that have occurred over the last month or so. 


Brown said a main reason for this position is “Although animal control does a great job they are not certified officers and cannot assign felony warrants.” With this position, felony warrants would be made and pressed against offenders. Further, by adding this position it will allow the Sheriff’s office to follow up thoroughly on animal cruelty cases. 


The position has been posted internally the GCSO. If no qualified candidates apply, it will be posted to externally. The hope is this position be filled soon and that it will be someone who loves animals and will not allow instances of animal cruelty to fall through the cracks. 


By Carson Parnell